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Worn Bicycle Chain and Cassette

Checking for chain wear

Question of the week: “This past May I bought a hybrid bike. Now, at 2300 miles, I already need a new cassette. The bike shop said it’s all the miles I put in. How many miles can a cassette take?”

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Lugged Frame or TIG-ed frame?

A head tube lug

By default, the bicycles shown on my site are TIG welded. Even though you may see this kind of construction almost exclusively these days on both steel and aluminum frames, you may not have know what it’s called. Here’s a

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Product Review: GORE BIKE WEAR® WINDSTOPPER® Long Sleeved Base Layer

Gore BIKE WEAR® Base Layer

It’s always been my feeling that a rider needs a myriad of selections to find the outfit that’s “just right” in terms of dealing with whatever the weather has in store. Summer is so easy — a pair of shorts

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