A trip to NYC

Last week, I had fun doing a “meet and greet” at EMS in SoHo in New York City. I met a super nice group of representatives from “Recycle A Bicycle“, an organization that “utilizes the bicycle as a resource to foster youth development, environmental education, community engagement, and healthy living.” One mechanic from the organization brought along her red Terry Prism bicycle, which was built in 1990, the year in which she was born!

It was great to see this 22 year old bike immaculately cared for, still on the road and being ridden by someone who obviously loved the bike. It may not have the latest and greatest technology onboard, but it can hold its own with any bike when it comes to just plain old “get on the bike and ride”.

One of my pet peeves is that bikes are meant to be ridden, not to be stored in the garage or basement. Mario Cipollini used to say that bikes have a soul. As far as I’m concerned, those bicycle souls yearn to feel the road beneath their tires. This is one lucky Prism!

I also met the founder of velojoy.com, a terrific site for NYC cyclists, addressing everything from gear, routes, style and culture…just to name a few. Many thanks to Susi for interviewing me for her series on women leaders in cycling.

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