Georgena Terry Bicycles – Photos of recent bicycles

2015 has been a wonderful year for taking orders for my Georgena Terry bicycles. That translates into meeting lots of super people who love to ride their bicycles! These women are doing all kinds of neat things on their bikes. From commuting and loaded touring to simply enjoying a quiet ride on a back country road at a leisurely pace, they’re doing it.

What stands out? All of it, but some things in particular. Like the Gale Force the customer and I tweaked to become a gravel road racer. Or the Coto Doñana Vagabond that’s doing double duty as a city bike/explorer without the weight constraints typically associated with a city bike. And then there was the Gale Force that coveted the gearing of the Coto Doñana Tour. On the flip side, a Canadian nature photographer opted for a Coto Doñana Vagabond with an Ultegra compact group.

Isn’t this what a bespoke bike is all about? It’s a bike that’s not just steel and components, but a best friend, a trusted friend, who will take you where you want to go, on your terms. How does that happen? Well, it’s a joint effort, an iterative experience. We design the bike together. It’s like putting a puzzle together — bit by bit, the pieces fall into place. It’s my job to figure out how to turn your riding aspirations into the perfect conglomeration of tubing and components…with a paint job that’s over the top. Synergy at its best!

Here are some photos of a few Georgena Terry bicycles. I would be remiss if I didn’t include a legacy Precision, the custom bike I began building in my basement when a career in cycling was barely a blip on my radar.


Georgena Terry signature

An original 1987 Terry Precision. This is the infamous Sea Sprite Green.

An original 1987 Terry Precision painted in Imron® Sea Sprite Green.


A vertical fade on a Georgena Terry Bicycle, the Coto Doñana Vagabond. The perfect paint scheme is an expression of the rider's personality.

A vertical fade on a Georgena Terry Coto Doñana Vagabond. The perfect paint scheme is an expression of the rider’s personality.


Georgena Terry Bicycles Gale Force

Gale Force turned gravel bike! Carbon fork; steel frame. Its owner was thrilled: “I had complete faith in your design for fit and it is perfect, just perfect. I had compete faith that steel was the right choice for gravel, but didn’t expect it to match, 100%, the snap of my carbon frame on asphalt. I don’t know what you did, but this bike climbs like a dream and accelerates much better than its engine will ever be able to test its limits.”


Georgena Terry Bicycles Coto Doñana Vagabond

A Coto Doñana Vagabond, flat bar version. Tubus Tara front rack, SKS Longboard fenders.


Georgena Terry Bicycles Coto Doñana Tour

A Coto Doñana Tour ready to come off the roof rack and start a cross country tour.


Georgena Terry Bicycles Coto Doñana Vagabond

S&S couplers on this Coto Doñana Vagabond make it a cinch to pack when visiting far away places, like Alaska.


Georgena Terry Bicycles Gale Force

A 650c Gale Force for a 4′ 11″ customer. This one uses SRAM components. Says its rider: “I went from a 12-13 mph rider to a 16 mph rider with seeemingly no effort.”


Georgena Terry Bicycles Coto Doñana Tour

The elegant simplicity of a white Coto Doñana Tour, complete with Brooks saddle and matching leather bar tape.


Georgena Terry Bicycles Gale Force

“The most beautiful bike in the world,” said the owner of this Gale Force.

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8 comments on “Georgena Terry Bicycles – Photos of recent bicycles
  1. paula says:

    Bespoke and Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Georgena!

  2. Andy says:

    Great post! I love that gorgeous Precision up there. My favorite every day bike is my 1999 Symmetry fitted with Oxford cruiser bars, trigger shifters, and a Brooks. Perfect for fast and comfortable city riding!

    It’s too bad there are almost no good options for mass-produced bikes for small riders these days. My only non-custom bike made within the past 15 years is a 650c Wabi, and it’s hard to find other decent quality examples, especially ones that aren’t marketed as strictly for children… Thank you for all you’ve done to get small bikes out there, finding that Symmetry changed my life!

  3. Helena says:

    Beautiful! Glad to hear of the busy year!!

  4. Oldcyclist says:

    Wow! When I saw the 650c Gale Force, my first thought was WOW! I wonder how that lady felt finally riding a bike that actually fit her! As a 5′-10″ male, almost any stock 56cm road frame fits me like a glove! The symmetry on that bike is stunning, everything looks balanced and tweaked to make her ride perfect for her! Well played indeed!

  5. Clark Weichmann says:

    When I met my late wife she already had a Terry Classic in a metalflake green that looks like the 1987. It is now our daughter’s ride at college. For some reason she doesn’t even notice the Biopace so I never replaced it. (Ames IA is dead flat.) The Imron seems indestructable even when left outdoors for long periods. Great paint! I am having difficulty sourcing a front fender for it, otherwise a perfect bike. It has as many eyelets as my Bridgestone RB-1. Steel is real! And thank you for using fork crowns, glad custom framebuilders still consider them.

    • Georgena Terry says:

      An SKS 700c fender will work with a 24″ wheel. It’s flexible enough to curve without buckling. You might want to try one!

      Alas, the Classic was not painted with Imron®. Possibly a Japanese imitation of a polyurethane enamel that was just as rugged, though!

  6. Cathy Hoffman says:

    I love my custom Coto Donana Vagabond that was delivered in December 2016. I ride it everywhere and really don’t need any of my other bikes anymore! I’ve owned soooo many bikes and I’m so glad I finally invested in a custom bicycle created by Georgena Terry. I am delighted by the bicycle’s fit, handling and performance. It is so enjoyable to go out and ride for hours on end with no neck, shoulder, wrist and hand discomfort! I couldn’t be happier!

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