Cycling fatigue getting to you? It’s all in your head.

Nap Time

Time to regroup.


The Nov. 29 issue of Cycling Weekly [1] reports on a study which examined the characteristics of male and female cycling fatigue during hard riding (sorry, they didn’t cite their source). The study examined both common physical cycling fatigue and “central nervous system” cycling fatigue which is defined as “a subjective state in which one feels tired or exhausted and in which the capacity for normal work or activity is reduced.” [2]



Both men and women experience central nervous system fatigue, but it affects women more than men. The good news is that women are quite responsive to ways to offset this kind of cycling fatigue. A potent cup of joe or “I am woman, hear me roar” type thoughts help. Men can benefit from these techniques as well, but they are more responsive to solutions addressing physical fatigue issues such as lactic acid or muscle glycogen.

cure for cycling fatigue

Go for the caffeinated varieties.


So the next time that hard ride gets to you, just think to yourself, “it’s all in my mind, not in my body” and you’ll feel rejuvenated!

1. Andrew Hamilton, “Do men and women fatigue differently?”, Cycling Weekly, 11/29/2012,p.31.
2. Ryan Donahue, “A Review of Central Nervous System Fatigue”, Athletic Performance Revolution,, last visited 12/20/2012.

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