Product Review: Aero Tech Designs Hi Vis Cycling Jersey (aka “Can you see me now?”)

The cycling bug hit me big time in the late 1970’s when I was living in Pittsburgh. Every summer, my gang from the Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen headed to GEAR (The Great EAstern Rally) for a long weekend of cycling, workshops and exhibits. The most popular exhibit was always that of Schnaubelt Shorts, an apparel company founded by local cyclist Cathy Schnaubelt. She made real cycling shorts and jerseys, items that were hard to find “back then.” Some of her designs were traditional but many of them were just fun, crazy stuff that no one else thought of putting on a jersey. Her booth was swamped through the entire weekend.

Schnaubelt Shorts lives on today under a new name — Aero Tech Designs. They still make their apparel in Pennsylvania and it’s the same great value it was when Cathy first started the company. And just as much fun.

When I went on the hunt for a hi vis cycling jersey, I figured Cathy probably made one. I wasn’t disappointed. At the risk of making fashionistas everywhere cringe, visibility trumps style in my book any day of the week. Fortunately, Aero Tech knows how to put visibility and good looks together in a women’s jersey. I am not only visible, but I look presentable as well!

Aero Tech offers two women’s hi vis cycling jerseys. Each has a 3/4 zipper, raglan sleeves and an elastic free hem.

Hi vis cycling jersey

One is a fluorescent yellow club nylon/lycra jersey, with three back pockets.

Hi vis cycling jersey

The other is a neon green Wickaway poly jersey with a single zipped pocket in the back and two small gel pockets on the sides. A great idea — fishing around in a zippered back pocket while riding is frustrating. Stuff your gels in the side pockets, zip up the phone or car keys in the back pocket and forget about it.

hi-viz cycling jersey

How visible is visible? Here’s a comparison of the fluorescent yellow and neon green jerseys with a plain yellow jersey. The photo was taken under a cloudy, but bright sky. The fluorescent yellow is clearly the most vibrant. Neon green doesn’t scream quite as loudly, but it’s more visible than plain yellow.

The sizing of the jerseys is true. I’d call the cut a club cut — not racing tight, but certainly not loose. The jerseys are cut to feel comfortable when riding in the drops. The length was spot on.

If you’re coming to the Wild Goose Chase this October, you may have a chance to browse all of the great apparel made by Aero Tech Designs. They exhibit at many cycling events. Hopefully the Goose will be on their list this year!

The Details:

Women’s Fluorescent Yellow Club Bike Jersey
Price: $39.95
Sizes: S – XXL

Women’s Neon Green Cycling Jersey
Price: $34.95
Sizes: XS – XXL

Made in the USA

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3 comments on “Product Review: Aero Tech Designs Hi Vis Cycling Jersey (aka “Can you see me now?”)
  1. Deana Winslow says:

    Hi vis is definitely preferable…thanks for info. I love ragland sleeves. I can sneak up a size for more room without out looking too big.

  2. Jon Spangler says:

    Thanks for the side-by-side photo. I, too, start with visibility first on the bike and not making a “fashion statement.” think it’s one of my strengths as a LAB League Cycling Instructor.)

    Nice to read about long-time relationships in the industry and see that you are back to designing frames and bikes. Do you design tandems?

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