PRELUDE  The bike buying process starts by calling (802-861-7627) or emailing ( me. I’m not a rock star – just an avid cyclist and mechanical engineer who knows that while all bikes are meant to be ridden, only bikes that fit properly are likely to be ridden. My goal is to make sure your Georgena Terry bicycle falls in the latter category so you’ll never want your ride to end.
PHASE 1  Because my bikes are built to order, test-riding before you buy is difficult! That’s why I spend a lot of time getting to know you and your riding style. Everything is important – what’s your past history as a cyclist? What kind of bike do you ride now? What are your likes, dislikes and goals? We’ll get to the answers through a questionnaire, conversations and emails. Along the way, you’ll see the frame design develop.
PHASE 2  The actual building begins at Waterford Precision Cycles, our manufacturer, when we’ve agreed on a design and you’ve placed an $1500 deposit. Building the frame typically takes about 8 – 12 weeks. During that time, you can choose the perfect color for your bike. We offer a full palette of stock colors, but if none hits the spot, we can match any color swatch or paint scheme you have in mind. That may add a little time and investment to the project, but this is your dream bike, right? This is also a good time to tweak the component spec if you want something different, like flat handlebars, dual brake levers or special wheels, just to name a few. If the frame geometry itself needs to be modified to fit you perfectly, there is a $300 additional charge.
PHASE 3  The completed frame and fork are delivered along with their components and wheels to an independent bicycle dealer in your area. We pay the shop to assemble the bike and make small adjustments so it fits you. I can recommend a dealer or, if there’s one you like doing business with, we can use them.
FINALE  Take your bike home and ride it for a couple of weeks. When you’re sure it’s the bike for you, pay the remaining balance. If you don’t like it, box it up and return it and your $1500 deposit will be returned. (Don’t lose sleep over this: in 4-1/2 years, only one bike has ever been returned.)


Waterford Precision Cycles   My compadre at Waterford, Richard Schwinn, is the great-grandson of Ignaz Schwinn, the founder of Schwinn Bicycles. At one time, the “to die for” hand built Schwinn Paramount model was made in the Waterford factory, now owned and managed by Richard. In addition to building the Waterford brand, Richard builds for Rivendell and Rene Herse. The legacy of fine steel bicycles is alive and well at Waterford.

Price   Includes shipping and assembly. New York State residents must also pay New York sales tax.

Made in the USA   The steel frame and fork are hand built in Waterford, Wisconsin. The Velocity USA wheels are hand built in Grand Rapids, Michigan with rims made in Florida. The seat post is made in Georgia.

Warranty   Lifetime on the steel frame and fork for the original owner. One year on components, excluding consumables such as tires and drivetrain. The full warranty can be found in our owner’s manual.