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Triaxial tension in a lugged steel bicycle frame.

Forces on a rod

It’s an unexpected marvel of nature: the weakest chain in the link can hold its own with the stronger links. But this blog isn’t about chains; it’s about a lugged steel bicycle frame. In an earlier blog, I described the

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Looking at the history of bicycles

1989 Team Time Trial

It’s the beginning of the New Year, a good time to look back at the history of bicycles…well, two of them. You probably know Greg LeMond had his own line of bicycles. But did you know one of them was

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Steel Bike Weighing 9.6 lbs More Than Titanium BIke Climbs Just As Well!

Bicycle Quarterly

Did I get your attention with that headline? It was inspired by an article I read in the most recent issue of Bicycle Quarterly, a fantastic, niche magazine published by Jan Heine. In this issue, Jan tested a titanium bike

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Lugged Frame or TIG-ed frame?

A head tube lug

By default, the bicycles shown on my site are TIG welded. Even though you may see this kind of construction almost exclusively these days on both steel and aluminum frames, you may not have know what it’s called. Here’s a

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