The bicycles you see on this site are offered in a variety of styles and sizes, based on my customers’ preferences. Changing out dropped handlebars for flat bars, adding the provision for a kickstand (yes, it can be done), customizing the paint or tweaking the brazed on fittings are just a few of the things that can make the bike perfect for the rider.

But there’s occasionally the need for true custom bicycles for women. Maybe it simply requires tweaking an angle or changing a dimension by a few millimeters. Perhaps you have strong preferences for a certain tire size on your bicycle.

Or you might want a different kind of bike altogether — like a mixte, a “woman’s” style frame, a randonneur bike, a bike for triathlons or an aggressive road racing frame.

Some riders are delightfully tall or short — those four sigma types who fall outside the realm of “traditional” bike sizes and are truly in need of a bespoke solution.

Depending on the level of customization, this will add about $300.00 to the price of a stock Georgena Terry bicycle.

I can gladly accommodate these kinds of requests and build you a true custom bicycle, from frame geometry to finish to components.