“I’m loving the Valkyrie still and am so happy with the purchase.  It’s my therapy from the stress of life and is an integral part of my lifestyle – thank you for building this beautiful bike and helping to keep this aging boomer on the move. (SC)”

“Just wanted to let you know how much I love my bike!!  I took it for a 30 mile spin yesterday.  WHAT FUN!  Rode it to work today.  Thanks for a great fitting bike! (JB)”

“The new Isis is everything I wanted and rides like a dream. The geometry perfectly fits my 5’1″, 114 lb. frame and the bike feels like it’s part of me when I’m riding. The design is beautiful, functional and still very lightweight for a steel frame. This is a great season for riding and I will enjoy it more on this amazing bike. Thanks again for your creative and woman specific designs. I would not be a cyclist if not for your ingenuity. (GP)”

“I love my Isis.  It rides so smoothly.  I think that carbon fiber fork was the BEST idea.  I feel like I’m in a 1960 Cadillac. (MF)”

“Can’t say enough good things about the Valkyrie. Man, has my riding improved with it. Amazing! (JG)”

“The bike is everything I hoped it would be! I love it. It is so comfortable… Not a single problem. (HD)”

“When I finally got to ride, all I could think was, “WOW!” It is so much different to ride a bike that actually fits. I could tell such a difference in being able to use the full length of my legs. My torso was much more open across the frame so I could actually breathe! My husband says that the way I am riding now appears effortless. What a joy! (RH)”

“Just wanted to let you know that that we got the bike and built it up this weekend. I love it! We rode about 60 miles total this weekend and she felt smooth and nimble and climbed these New Hampshire hills like a mountain goat 🙂 (LS)”

” She fits me like a glove.  She knows how to glide over the bumps on the dirt roads in the hood, smoothly fly over the pavement cracks around Burlington and she has been begging me to take her up Mtn Mansfield so she can show off all her low gears. I have loaded her up and taken her to work with me and she doesn’t wince or skid the corners with the extra pounds. So we are a happy pair spinning away in Vermont. (CH)”