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Team Luna Chix Albany

Many thanks to Team Luna Chix Albany for asking me to be their guest speaker at an event yesterday to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund. It was a super outing. Mother Nature cooperated long enough for cyclists to

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Terry Tour of Vermont

Last week, Sojourn hosted yet another Terry Tour of Vermont. This ride has a storied history. It began in the early 1990’s when I had such a good time on my one week annual jaunts to Vermont I thought it

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A Reader Asks: “How narrow a tire should I use to get a benefit from lower rolling resistance?”

Tire Contact Patch

Tires are one of the most fascinating aspects of the bicycle. They can make or break the comfort and efficiency of the ride. Common sense used to have it that the narrower the tire was and the higher the pressure

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What I’m Reading: From the Pen of J.B. Wadley

From the Pen of J.B. Wadley

From the Pen of J.B. Wadley Edited by Adrian Bell 2002, Mousehold Press, Norwich, Great Britain ISBN 1 874739 22 6 Availability: Amazon sellers How could you not find charming a book from a publisher with the name “Mousehold Press”?

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